A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Chapter 1 of ODD FANTASY!!!

...or at least the first 15-20 minutes of it...


ODD FANTASY is a JRPG series that follows the adventures of all sorts of heroes! Chapter 1 follows the quest of Def, a nobody who lives in a town full of heroes. Follow him on his journey to the Tower of Shadows, and defeat whatever lurks within it to bring peace to the Kingdom. This seemingly-generic quest should be easy, right? 

If you're into games that are predictable, where absolutely nothing strange, unexpected, or slightly disturbing happens, then this is the game for you! ODD FANTASY is NOT a game that progressively becomes weirder and weirder with each installment, and it MOST CERTAINLY wasn't written with the intent of giving the player an existential crisis by the end of the series! Whoo, baby!

So, now it's time to go ahead and play the ODD FANTASY: Chapter 1 Demo! 

Unless you decide not to download it, in which case you will not play the ODD FANTASY: Chapter 1 Demo.

Install instructions

After you click the download button, you'll get a zipped file. Please move the folder INSIDE the zipped file OUT of the zipped file. Keep everything inside the folder once extracted.  Then, go in and click the game, you should be able to play it. I also provided A Player's Guide for your convenience.


ODD FANTASY Chapter 1 Demo.zip 153 MB


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I really enjoyed the demo, short as it was; it felt nostalgic in a somewhat undefinable but definitely positive way and really took me back to the JRPGs I played as a kid. I'm a fan of metahumor and metanarrative, the latter of which seems like it'll be forthcoming, and I'm looking forward to seeing Chapter 1 in its entirety!



I DID?!?!? WOWEE!!!


I love this demo!! Can’t wait for the full version to be released!!